Zimbabwe youth instructs in a research how should be traffic system in India


Shimla, 18 March

In most of the cities in India, congestion of roads due to vehicular traffic has become a chronic problem with practically no solution coming from urban planners or municipal corporations and other government bodies. There is no simple answer for this. Nathaniel Sinyoro student from Zimbabwe ,  BBA of APG Shimla university participated and presented a research in international conference on Intelligent Machine held, at Baba Farid College of Engineering & Technology, Bathinda, Punjab, on 15th-16th March.  The research topic of this student was ‘efficient way of reducing road traffic in India’.  Participant from five countries including India participated in the event. Nathaniel Sinyoro, the Zimbabwe youth studying in Alakh Prakash Shimla university ,was only a participant from Himachal Pradesh who participated in the conference. Nathaniel stood second position in the research pursuits  he presented in the conference . Other ten students of APG also participated in this international conference and presented their research on different topics. The research student suggested on advanced planning methods and technology to cringe the problem of traffic in India as India needs scientific approach to road and infrastructure planning for healthy public transportation and pollution free traffic. In the research, Nathaniel Sinyoro mentioned big ideas such as optimize traffic light management use cctv to monitor road conditions, enforce existing road traffic laws, improve perceptions of buses, extend residents’ parking zones, charge for workplace parking, improve cycling infrastructure, improve bus services, develop and refine park-and-ride, use inbound flow control, rationalize distribution and deliveries, existing rail network, strategic road network resilience and road pricing. Vice-Chancellor, Prof. SN Kulkarni of APG University encouraged, inspired  and cheered research scholars, faculty members and students to carry out inter-discipline research with an amalgam of science, humanity and science- technology as Alakh Prakash Goyal Shimla University provides best facilities for such pursuits of research results.